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[For purchasing] Magract 2.5ml

[For purchasing] Magract 2.5ml

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<Nutritional functional food (magnesium)>
Precautions when taking

●This product does not cure diseases or improve health if taken in large quantities. Ingestion of large amounts may cause loose stools (diarrhea). Please follow the recommended daily intake. Infants and children should avoid ingesting this product. Please keep out of reach of children.
●If you notice any abnormalities such as a rash, stop using it and consult your doctor.
●Please refrain from using this product if you are allergic to milk.
●If you experience diarrhea even after using the same amount per day, please consult your doctor.
●If you have a wound inside your mouth, it may stain. If it lasts for more than 2 weeks, please refrain from using it.
●Pain may occur due to weakened teeth. If no improvement is seen after 2 weeks, please refrain from using it.
●Please open/close with the spout facing upward. Please close the cap firmly after use.
●Since natural raw materials are used, there may be variations in quality such as color, viscosity, and odor, but there is no problem with quality.
●Please use as soon as possible after opening.
●If stored in the refrigerator, the mineral ingredients will crystallize and precipitate, but this will not affect the quality. Please store at room temperature.
●Please note that if Geihoku Pharmacy confirms inappropriate descriptions regarding Maglacto on SNS, etc., we may request deletion, etc.

Internal capacity


Ingredient display

Calorie value per 2ml: 0kcal
Protein 0.082g
Fat 0.002g
Carbohydrates 0g
Salt equivalent amount 0.0196g
Magnesium 210mg (65%)
(Note) "Recommended daily intake" Please consume 2ml as a guide.

Raw material name

(Magnesium) ◆ Name: Magnesium-containing food Ingredients: Salt water lake water mineral liquid, lactoferrin (contains milk ingredients) / thickener (xanthan gum), sodium alginate

allergic predisposition

Please refrain from using if you have a milk allergy.
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